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2nd tuCASA-ASIAA 2013 ALMA Imaging Workshop

Announcement: please click here

Registration: closed

Date: August 31 2013

Location: ASIAA, Astronomy-Mathematics Building 9F

Tutorial Information

The training is conducted using your own computer. Please bring your computer with CASA 4.1 already installed on it to the tutorial.

Information on installing CASA 4.1 can be obtained from the NRAO website (note that Windows is not supported): CASA 4.1

For a short introduction to CASA, please read this in addition to the official CASA guide downloadable from the NRAO website. An introduction to imaging concepts can be found here.

Tutorial Preparation

New users are welcome to attend this workshop, but are required to work through the CASA hands-on exercises of the previous workshop prior to the time of the workshop. A Q&A session is available at the beginning of the workshop for new users to discuss with ARC members. The material of the hands-on session of the first imaging workshop are given below (updated for the use with CASA 4.1):

  Session   Talk slides and scripts   Sample Data
Data Inspection & Imaging
(Edwige Chapillon & Ronny Zhao-Geisler)
data inspection and imaging talk slides (13.4 MB)
and imaging script (8 KB)
data for imaging
(150 MB)
Data Analysis I & II
(Satoko Takahashi & Alfonso Trejo)
data analysis talk slides (22 MB) data for analysis
(4.4 MB)
Observing Simulation with CASA
(Shigehisa Takakuwa)
observing simulation talk slides (13.8 MB)

Public SV and Cycle 0 data

These data can be used for science project (thesis work or publications).

  • Currently available Science Verification (SV) data can be obtained here: SV DATA
    (Note: For most of the SV data sets CASA guides are available.)
  • Currently available Cycle 0 data sets can be obtained here (ALMA Archive): CYCLE 0 DATA
    (Note: There is in general a one year proprietary period starting from the delivery of the data to the PI.)

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