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On this page you can download stand-alone releases of the CARTA (Cube Analysis and Rendering Tool for Astronomy) software, the first project of the ASIAA CASA Development Center (ACDC).

As CARTA is being developed to primarily deploy with CASA, we therefore follow the CASA convention to offically support Red Hat 6 and Red Hat 7 based Linux distributions (e.g. CentOS, Scientific Linux), as well as the latest two versions of OSX/MacOS (currently OSX 10.11 El Capitan and MacOS 10.12 Sierra), in our stand-alone releases. The newly released MacOS 10.13 High Sierra has been tested and confirmed to work. We unofficially support Ubuntu, and are testing AppImages with this release of CARTA.


This is the stand alone version of CARTA 0.9 released on September 26th 2017. For detailed installation instructions please see the documentation

CARTA 0.9 for MacOS

Download and double click on the dmg file, then drag the CARTA application to the Applications folder. You may install CARTA to a directory other than /Applications if you wish. Double click on the CARTA icon at /Applications to start CARTA.

CARTA 0.9 for RedHat Linux

Download and extract the tgz archive 'tar -xvf CARTA-0.9r-el6-el7.tgz'. Change into its bin directory 'cd /CARTA_0.9r-el6-el7/bin', and execute the shell script './'

CARTA 0.9 for Ubuntu Linux

Download and extract the following tgz archive, 'tar -xvf CARTA-0.9r-ubuntu.tgz'. Change into its bin directory 'cd /CARTA_0.9r-ubuntu/bin', and execute the shell script './'

CARTA 0.9 Linux AppImages

For this release of CARTA, we also provide the CARTA Linux versions as an AppImage. AppImages have been gaining popularity on Linux in recent years. They are analagous to Applications on a Mac. They are a self-contained single file bundling the application itself and everything it needs to run on a system. To use a CARTA AppImage, download the appropriate version (RHEL 6/7 or Ubuntu), make the AppImage executable 'chmod +x CARTA-0.9r-el6-el7.AppImage' and simply execute it e.g. './CARTA-0.9r-el6-el7.AppImage'.

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