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8 highest priority projects from Taiwan selected for ALMA Early Science Cycle 0:

    Project ID : 2011.0.00101.S
    PI : Wang, Wei-Hao
    Title : Shedding Light on Distant Starburst Galaxies Hosting Gamma-ray Bursts
    Project ID : 2011.0.00122.S
    PI : Lee, Chin-Fei
    Title : Rotation and Proper Motion of Protostellar Jets
    Project ID : 2011.0.00210.S
    PI : Ohashi, Nagayoshi
    Title : Probing Formation of Keplerian Disks around Protostars
    Project ID : 2011.0.00235.S
    PI : Ho, Paul
    Title : Does the Neutral Material Survive to within 0.1 parsec of the Galactic Supermassive Black Hole?
    Project ID : 2011.0.00320.S
    PI : Chapillon, Edwige
    Title : Dispersal of protoplanetary disks: study of suspected gas-poor dusty-rich sources
    Project ID : 2011.0.00525.S
    PI : Kazushi, Sakamoto
    Title : Imaging the Most Luminous Galaxy within z=0.01
    Project ID : 2011.0.00629.S
    PI : Chapillon, Edwige
    Title : CN excitation in T-Tauri disks: a challenge to protoplanetary disks models
    Project ID : 2011.0.00902.S
    PI : Murillo, Nadia
    Title : VLA1623B: a First Core candidate?

  • Early Science started on time on 30 Sep 2011!
  • List of all the 112 highest priority projects selected for ALMA Early Science, including
    titles, investigators, and short descriptions: as PDF (2.1 MB).
  • Information on the ALMA data archive is available here.
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