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ALMA Cycle 5 Pre-announcement

The Joint ALMA Observatory (JAO) will start the next cycle of observing (Cycle 5) in October 2017. A Call for Proposals with detailed information on Cycle 5 will be issued in March 2017, with a deadline for proposal submission in April 2017. This pre-announcement highlights aspects of the Cycle 5 proposal call that are needed to plan proposals.

General information

ALMA Cycle 5 will start in October 2017 and span 12 months. It is anticipated that 4000 hours of 12-m Array time will be available for successful observations of approved projects, and 3000 hours will be available on the Atacama Compact Array (ACA), also known as the Morita Array.

The key dates for Cycle 5 are given below.

  • 21 March 2017 : Release of the ALMA Cycle 5 Call for Proposals and observing tool, and opening of archive for proposal submission
  • 20 April 2017 : Proposal deadline
  • End of July 2017 : Result of the proposal review process sent to Proposers
  • 15 September 2017 : Start of ALMA Cycle 5 observations
  • September 2018 : End of Cycle 5 observations
  • See previous proposal calls

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    ALMA Taiwan Mock Review

    As in previous ALMA proposal cycles, we will hold a mock ALMA proposal review before the cycle 5 deadline on April 20. Prospective users should get the proposals prepared soon. The pre-announcement can be found here:

    According to past experiences, proposals fail sometimes because of 1) unclear science questions or goals and/or poorly designed experimenting methods/approaches, and also often because of 2) poor writing or last minute compilation. The purpose of this review is to try improving the quality of ALMA-T proposals for better success rates by forcing potential users to prepare the proposals early, thus, to at least eliminate the last minute writing and to further sharpen the science ideas.

    This mock review is open to all Taiwanese users including the ones outside of ASIAA. The proposal submission deadline is set to 2017.03.26, one day after the ALMA user’s workshop. Full proposal, including scientific and technical justification, figures and tables, shall be to submited to in pdf format.

    Technical and scientific review comments will be sent back to the PIs through email roughly on 2017.04.05. Face-to-face discussion with the ARC staffs are encouraged during the user’s workshop. PIs can incorporate these comments into proposal revision before the “real" submission.

    Please take this advantage to prepare your proposals early!

    Useful proposal preparation materials

    The following are some presentation files from our recent ALMA Users Workshop 2015 that was aimed at helping people prepare for their ALMA Cycle 3 proposals and the use of CASA data analysis software:

  • ALMA, Taiwan ARC Node, & ES Cycles by Chin-Fei Lee
  • ALMA Observing Tool by Yu-Nung Su
  • ALMA Observing Simulations with CASA by Kuo-Song Wang
  • (Accompanying data files .zip)
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